UC Recruitment Presentation Booking Form

University of Canterbury Recruitment Presentation Booking Form

Thank you for your request to present directly to our students on our campus. This form is to provide us with more information about your requirements and ensure that we secure the correct facilities and equipment that you require to present.
Please provide the name of your organisation
Position Title
Please provide your office and mobile numbers
Please provide your organisation's postal address in case needed for invoicing purposes
What date do you wish to present on campus?
Please indicate if this is an on-campus presentation or an online presentation
Please copy your presentation URL here (ZOOM or MS Teams)
What time would you like to present on campus? Most presentation are between 5:15 pm and 7:00 pm.
If you are presenting on campus twice, please complete this field for your second event or if you have a second choice date, then please complete
If you are presenting on campus, how would you like the seating arranged in the venue? Please note that this option will not apply if your presentation is to be held in a lecture theatre as all seating is fixed.
If you are presenting on campus, do you require one or all of the following items please?
What disciplines are you looking to present to?
Please let us know which students you would like to attend, in some cases second year and penultimate will be the same as will third year and final year.
Please note that in 2018, Immigration NZ made changes to the post-study work visa. Under the new policy, international students who have completed a Level 7 Bachelors degree or higher, can apply for a Post-study work visa for 3 years without the need for a job offer. This new visa also allows them to work for any employer and in almost any job. Unsure what this means to your organisation and employment of international students? Please visit Immigration NZ’s website for more information.
If you are presenting on campus, do you intend to serve catering please?
If your answer was yes, what catering do you intend to serve?
Description of what you wish to serve
Only needed if your event is being held on campus and prior to 4.30 pm
Would you like to send a targeted email to students to inviting them to attend presentation? Please be aware there is a cost associated with this service and we would be happy to provide a quotation.
Do you have other information you wish to pass on or other requirements not covered above?