Our Student and Graduate Recruitment Programme enables employers to recruit students and graduates for positions to commence on completion of their studies, for summer internships and practical work experience during vacations and also during the year.

The Programme operates throughout the academic year, except during university holidays, study breaks and examination periods. We invite you to come onto campus to meet with our students, giving both you and the students an opportunity to get to know more about each other.  We do recommend allowing  time for bookings, confirmation and publicity and suggest that arrangements should be made at least one month prior to the commencement of your recruitment round or intention to visit our campus.

All Student and Graduate Recruitment Programme activities are now advertised on NZUniCareerHub

NZUniCareerHub is a web-based recruitment and administration system that provides an electronic communication hub between students,graduates, employers and 7 out of the 8 New Zealand University careers centres.

NZUniCareerHub is an easy-to-use interface which allows recruiters to reach students and graduates quickly and efficiently. Coordinated by each of  the universities' career services the system allows you to publish details of your full and part-time vacancies for students and graduates. Internship positions, when they meet certain criteria, are free of charge to advertise on the site as are scholarships and any on-campus activity an employer is taking part in.  CareerHub is a one-stop-shop for our students and graduates and employers are able to advertise to as many of the seven participating universities as they wish with just the one advertisement.

Register and post your vacancy on NZUniCareerHub or please contact the UC Employment Coordinator, Robyn Cummins either by email or by telephone on +64 3 364 2551 for more information.

An on-campus recruitment information presentation is a great way to raise the profile of your organisation and the opportunities you are offering.  It is also helpful in ensuring that students are well informed about your particular recruitment needs. Ideally, our recommendation would be to hold your presentation 2-3 weeks before your closing date for applications. We do not charge for the use of any of our venues or equipment at this time.  If you would like more information about holding an event here on campus please contact the UC Employment Coordinator Robyn Cummins via email or please telephone on +64 3 364 2551. 

If you are arranging your own information presentation off-campus, we would welcome information about this so that we can advertise your event on CareerHub to keep our students informed. There is no charge for this service.

These are ideal PR events to approach students and to kick-start your recruitment. Over the last few years employers who participated in these fairs have commented that they were impressed with the calibre of students and the questions they asked, as well as with the organisation of the events. More than once we have been told that the Universiy of Canterbury Careers Fairs are the best in the country.

Annually we hold the Commerce (incorporating Accounting and Finance) Careers Fair and Law Recruitment Event in March, the Engineering and Science Careers Fair in May, Education Careers Fair in July and ICT Careers Fair in August . In addition, smaller boutique fairs and careers events are organised in departments at different times of the year. For more information on Careers Fairs at Canterbury, please visit our website UC Careers Internships & Employment.

Student and graduate recruitment information is publicised to students in a number of ways: 

  • Job listings on NZUniCareerHub 
  • Recruitment Information Presentations and other recruitment related events on CareerHub
  • Publicity posters and other marketing material provided by employers
  • Targeted email service which enables employers to email recruitment information to students in specific subject or course groups. Please see further information below about this service.
  • Working with the many student societies and clubs on campus
  • Working with faculty with the Departments and Colleges

We are very happy to send out emails to students on an employers behalf.  An email to specific course groups is probably the quickest, simplest and most economical method of publicising your graduate recruitment or immediate vacancy. Costings for this service are based on the number of course groups that you select the email to be sent to e.g. 300-level Mathematics is one course group. 

The email is sent via our student email system and you are welcome to include graphics and photographs.

For a quote for this service please send your email to Robyn Cummins

We distribute posters and promotional material campus-wide, including university departments, lecture blocks and libraries, so UC Careers, Internships & Employment is the only point of contact you need to achieve maximum coverage. 

We recommend that the most effective posters are bold and brief, on coloured background/paper, and, ideally, should include:

  • A bold, clear heading indicating all your preferred subject majors 
  • Your company name and a brief explanation of your activities
  • Recruitment information presentation date, time and venue (if applicable)
  • Application procedure and closing date
  • Your website

Please note that, because of space limitations on UC Careers Internship & Employment's and campus notice boards, we cannot display or distribute posters larger than A4. Thank you for taking this into consideration.

If we could please receive your posters 2-3 weeks in advance of your earliest recruitment date. Please contact Robyn Cummins by email or on +64 3 364 2551 for appropriate numbers and up to date prices.

Brochures or information handouts are an effective way of informing students about the opportunities available to them as graduates or summer interns within your organisation and we are always keen to receive this information for display in our Career Resource Area for students to take or view.

We would recommend sending this information to us 2-3 weeks prior to your Recruitment Information Session, or your closing date if you are not holding an information session. Numbers required will vary according to the disciplines you are recruiting. We are happy to advise you on this.

The Students' Association magazine is published fortnightly and is another useful advertising method for employers. Please contact the Advertising/Sale Consultant via

Email: advertising@ucsa.canterbury.ac.nz

Many employers find it useful and convenient to conduct their interviews on campus.  We would be very happy to assist you with a suitable venue to hold your interviews and we do not charge for this service.  For more information please contact Robyn Cummins by email or on +64 3 364 2551.