Guidelines and policy


Careers, Internships & Employment is open throughout the year, apart from the Christmas/New Year period.

Student and Graduate Employment (back to top)

Careers, Internships & Employment through its Student and Graduate Recruitment Programme and immediate vacancy service, enables employers to recruit:

  • final year students for graduate positions to commence on completion of their studies
  • penultimate year students for summer internships and practical work experience
  • recent graduates for graduate employment
  • university students

Students at any level of study are able to access UCCareerHub for information on prospective employers, vacancies, Careers Fairs and Information Sessions as well as Seminars and may attend Information Sessions.

Careers, Internships & Employment does not in any way involve itself in selecting or recommending individual students for any employer or vacancy.

Employers using Careers, Internships & Employment are expected to comply with the Human Rights Act 1993.

Student and Graduate Recruitment Programme (back to top)

  • Student and Graduate Recruitment Programme activities are held during the academic year only, avoiding university holidays, study breaks and examination periods
  • To allow time for bookings, confirmation and publicity, arrangements should be notified at least one month prior to the commencement of your recruitment process
  • Whilst we endeavour to meet most requests, University of Canterbury staff, students and visitors are required to conform to the university regulations. Careers, Internships & Employment  may therefore, on occasion, be required to decline or limit a particular on-campus activity proposed by an employer
  • Employers are expected to adhere to all arrangements confirmed with Careers, Internships & Employment or to contact Careers, Internships & Employment regarding any changes that may be required
  • Information Sessions held between 8.00am and 5.00pm are limited to 50 minutes maximum to fit within lecture times
  • Careers, Internships & Employment  reserves the right to decline to distribute or display any company publicity material which we consider inappropriate or which does not conform to our requirements, eg posters larger than A4
  • Emails and mail-out material provided by employers will not be forwarded by Careers, Internships & Employment  to students without the required disclaimer
  • Employers are expected to treat students and applicants with respect and confidentiality at all times throughout the recruitment process and to keep them informed of the progress and outcome of their application
  • Careers, Internships & Employment E reserves the right to decline participation in our Student and Graduate Recruitment Programme to any company or organisation which we consider inappropriate

Immediate Vacancies(back to top)

  • Vacancies for students and recent graduates can be advertised at any time throughout the calendar year
  • We require a minimum of one week between receiving the vacancy and the closing date for applications
  • Careers, Internships & Employment  reserves the right not to accept vacancies that we consider inappropriate


Teaching English Overseas Vacancies (back to top)

In order to ensure vacancies for overseas English Language schools or recruiting organisations are legitimate, we require detailed information from the organisation about the business and two written references from two New Zealand graduates who have had recent experience of being placed by the organisation. Please email this information to